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Exclusive Interview with DMX’s fiancee Desiree Lindstrom

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DMX was a world-famous superstar. But one person knew him better than anyone else: Desiree Lindstrom. She is the mother of their 4-year-old son and was the love of his life for the last decade. She speaks out about their close relationship and how she is dealing with her painful personal loss. “He was my best friend, he was all I had, he was my everything, he was my world,” Lindstrom said. “I lived around him, so it has been very hard.” She opens up about her extraordinary relationship with one of hip-hop’s most creative and beloved stars.

Desiree Lindstrom and DMX have a 4-year-old son whose name is Exodus. She says she knew DMX better than anyone else. She speaks out about their close relationship and how she is dealing with her painful personal loss.


Street Soldiers TV: DMX, Black Rob, Shock G Hip Hop Artists Gone Too Soon

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It’s been an emotionally challenging time for the hip-hop world, losing three major artists within a period of two weeks: DMX, Black Rob and Shock G. Each took their last breath within days of each other. Now fans are feeling the pain as the culture grapples with whether they were given enough credit, support, and reward for their creativity while they were alive.


Street Soldiers TV: DMX Forever

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Lisa Evers hosts a special episode of Street Soldiers: DMX Forever, honoring the life & legacy of the late Hip Hop legend. Featuring exclusive interviews with Ruff Ryders cofounder Darrin “Dee” Dean and DMX’s close friend and manager Craig Brodhead, who reveal insight into the star’s final days, and talk about the album he had just finished recording during the Pandemic. Also featuring tributes from HOT 97’s DJ Drewski, multi-platinum music producer Amadeus, and Billboard magazine Hip Hop editor Carl LaMarre.


Street Soldiers TV: NYCHA at a turning point

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Roughly half a million people living in the nation’s largest public housing system have been through years of sub-standard conditions with little hope of repairs. Now, under the watchful eyes of a federal monitor and new leadership, NYCHA is trying to fix a broken system with new programs. Can residents dare to hope?


Street Soldiers TV: Being Biracial

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The number of biracial and mixed-race people is growing at a fast rate in America, creating many ethnically blended families. With efforts underway to stamp out racism in every segment of society, it’s more important than ever to understand their unique insights and the challenges they face.