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Notorious B.I.G. celebrated during Nets, Knicks game

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The life and legacy of music legend, Biggie Smalls was celebrated in Brooklyn Sunday night.

It was a big night in Brooklyn.

Barclays Center went all out to pay tribute to one of the greatest rappers of all time, Notorious B.I.G.

It was one of those moments where everyone thought the same thing: Hip Hop history in the making.

Hip hop’s greatest stars were there to pay tribute to the achievements of Christopher Wallace, best known as Notorious B.I.G.

“That there is a lot of love, I was surprised to see all this,” said Wallace’s mother, Voletta Wallace.

“It’s just overwhelming to see all this. To honor him is mind-blowing and humbling,” said music mogul, Sean “Diddy” Combs.

“You can’t put any of this into words, it’s all beautiful,” said Faith Evans, singer and wife of Biggie until his death.

The special event required special merchandise, from cupcakes to t-shirts and clothing.

Biggie’s children were there too, and the crowd erupted when Lil’ Kim’s name was announced.

“Honoring Biggie means the world to me, I’m glad they did this,” she said.

The event also commemorated Biggie in a long lasting way that will keep his legacy alive and affect kids for years to come. On behalf of the Christopher Wallace Foundation, the Nets refurbished the gym at his middle school, Queen of All Saints Middle School.


Feds: Podcaster Taxstone fired fatal shot at Irving Plaza

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Some stunning claims were revealed in federal court Tuesday in a case that has disturbed many in New York’s hip hop scene because it all started with social media beefing. A federal prosecutor says a popular hip hop podcaster called Taxstone who is known for shooting off his mouth was also shooting off the gun inside Irving Plaza last May. But his attorney denies the charges.

Taxstone’s real name is Darryl Campbell. The 31-year-old media personality went before a judge in federal court to be arraigned on two federal gun charges, including gun possession by a convicted felon.

His attorney, Kenneth J. Montgomery, told Fox 5 that Campbell is not guilty.
Feds: Podcaster Taxstone fired fatal shot at Irving Plaza

In court papers, federal prosecutors say DNA retrieved from the Kel-Tech 9mm handgun on the grip, the magazine, and the trigger indicate it was Campbell’s weapon and that he fired the shots that wounded rapper Troy Ave and two others, and killed Troy Ave’s bodyguard Ronald “Banga” McPhatter last May.

Montgomery said there is more to all of this.

Prosecutors say Troy Ave picked up the gun after being shot, and that is the one we see him allegedly holding in the video released by the NYPD.

In court, the prosecutor painted a picture of Campbell as a violent felon, not a well-intentioned media figure. He has over 20 arrests and two felony convictions, but his attorney said he put those problems in his past and is now out to help others.

At Montgomery’s request, the federal judge approved a $500,000 bail package that would include house arrest.

Troy Ave remains free on bail on weapons possession and attempted murder charges.




DMX Back from the Brink

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DMX is famous for his voice, raw emotion, and a heart as big as some of the life challenges he has faced. He is a true original. Now, after staring death in the face, one of hip hop’s biggest superstars is rapping to a new beat.

Tens of millions of fans around the world know every word to the multi-platinum artist’s many hits. But what they may not know is that behind DMX’s huge talent and get-at-me-dog tough guy persona is a humble man of deep faith.

DMX told me it was like an out-of-body experience last February when he collapsed without a pulse in a Yonkers hotel parking lot. His heart stopped twice while the officers gave him CPR and a shot of Narcan. In October, he gave a benefit performance for them, helping to raise $80,000 for charity.

The brush with death gave him a new appreciation for his life and sparked a creative resurgence. Within days, this charismatic performer was back on stage, delighting his loyal fans with a rigorous schedule of shows across the country or in the studio, writing the kind of rhymes that infiltrate his conversation.

DMX’s fans have come to. Know his issues with substance abuse, and legal and family dramas but they adore him for his authenticity. He still writes his verses with a pencil he keeps on him, and couldn’t resist trying out some notes on the piano. He believes he was kept alive for a greater purpose.

Those who love him hope he’ll make more great music. His latest song is called “Blood Red.” He already has a new film on the way with Keke Palmer and is considering other acting opportunities. The streets are looking for that energy and intensity that only DMX can bring.


Chris Brown accuser could face charges in New York

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Police sources confirm that Chris Brown’s accuser is a wanted woman in New York and that if cops find Baylee Curran in the city, she could end up handcuffed and under arrest for grand larceny.

After posting a quarter of a million dollars in bail, Brown is a free man — for now. That nearly 9-hour standoff with police at his Tarzana mansion ended with the R&B-pop superstar under arrest for assault with a deadly weapon allegedly on Curran, an actress, model and dethroned beauty queen. She claims he pulled a gun on her when she got too close to some diamond jewelry.

Despite the superstar’s 2009 felony assault conviction in the Rihanna incident, anger management issues and some minor brushes with the law, the singer may be getting a bad rap this time around, says Chuck Creekmur, the co-founder of .

My police sources say Curran is wanted for a 2013 purse snatching at the Plaza Hotel, where she allegedly stole a friend’s Louis Vuitton bag with cash and credit cards.

Brown’s high-powered attorney Mark Geragos’ thank you tweet to supporters said: “Chris is out and well. The allegations against him are demonstrably false.”

What is true is his success as a hip hop influenced singer songwriter. He has more than 60 Billboard Hot 100 chart-busters in just over a decade.

Right or wrong, this latest incident may only add to his allure and bank account, Creekmur says.

Brown is scheduled to be arraigned on September 20. If the district attorney produces a gun they can prove is his, he could be looking at some serious time. It is against the law in California for convicted felons to have guns.

As for the ex-beauty queen, pageant officials are still waiting for her to return the crown and sash.