Street Soldiers TV: Hip Hop Feuds: Are They Real or Just Publicity?

By October 6, 2018Fox 5, Street Soldiers

It was a security 911 with all hands on deck during a Fashion Week flare-up as Cardi B’s designer shoe went flying straight at Nicki Minaj because Nicki dared to question Cardi’s mothering skills on social media.

The confrontation between the two rap queens drew worldwide attention, says international battle rap star, Jaz the Rapper.

“It’s exciting because you don’t have many female rappers in the industry anyway,” she says. “We’re so used to having all these males going back and forth but I feel like. Now it’s our time.”

A long simmering beef between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly erupted in august when Slim Shady took shots at Machine Gun Kelly in “Not Alike.”

MGK fired back with “Rap Devil” taking direct aim at Eminem. Eminem responded with “Killshot,” which made rap fans go ballistic.

Many hip hop fans blame the East Coast-West Coast beef of the 1990’s for the murders of Biggie and Tupac. Luckily, today most of the shots fired are verbal.

A bitter years long beef between Meek Mill and Drake exploded when Meek accused Drake of not writing his own lyrics. It ended with a very public ceasefire when Drake invited Meek to come on his concert stage. Hip hop fans loved it.


FEATURED CAST: LISA EVERS, Host and Executive Producer, Street Soldiers https://twitter. com/lisaevers

JAZ THE RAPPER, Queen of Battle Rap

ROB MARKMAN, Rapper and Head of Artist Relations, GENIUS

LUCKY CHURCH, Partner/Global Director of PR, SMF Global Consultants

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