Street Soldiers TV: Hip Hop, the Feds & Snitching

By February 16, 2019Fox 5, Street Soldiers
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The code of the streets says you don’t talk to police or the feds. But the no-snitching rule seems to be changing. Are there still lines you don’t dare cross?

Tekashi 6ix9ine exploded on to the music scene and within two years acquired millions of loyal fans, a multimillion-dollar record deal, and a gang affiliation flaunted in videos. He enjoyed an unprecedented meteoric rise.

Equally unprecedented was his indictment on federal racketeering, drug conspiracy and weapons charges. Key evidence came from photos in his own Instagram account.

The shock effect continued after it was revealed that Tekashi made a secret plea deal as a cooperating witness, and admitted to being a member of the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods set. He told a judge he was involved in shootings and drug dealing with other alleged gang members, according to court records. The charges carry a potential sentence of 47 years to life.

Many called him a snitch.

Tekashi is behind bars awaiting sentencing, which will depend on his level of cooperation and how much information he gives federal prosecutors. He is also in protective custody, separated from other inmates due to death threats.

LISA EVERS, Host and Executive Producer, Street Soldiers

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