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Street Soldiers TV: NYPD: Overpolicing or Underpolicing?

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At a time when farebeating and possessing marijuana have been decriminalized and crime is at record lows, many New Yorkers were surprised that selling the fried dough sticks known as churros in a subway station could get you cuffed.

Critics say it was over-policing. The NYPD said the officers were just enforcing the law. Arrests in the subway have dropped 24% through Nov. 10, according to the NYPD. But summonses issued for fare evasion has significantly increased to 22,000.

LISA EVERS, Host and Executive Producer, Street Soldiers

PANEL: Phillip Hamilton, a criminal defense lawyer and civil rights attorney
NYPD Sgt. Ed Mullins, the president of the union Sergeants Benevolent Association
Josmar Rujillo, an activist and co-organizer of Swipe It Forward


Street Soldiers TV: The Intersection of Afrobeats and Hip Hop

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The African influence is growing in hip hop with the explosion of Afrobeats music. As hip hop culture becomes more international, it’s opening up new doors around the world.

The video for French Montana and Swae Lee’s 2017 hit “Unforgettable” was filmed in Uganda and has been viewed more than 1 billion times on YouTube. Its success paved the way for many others, like Casanova and Davido’s hit “2AM” and Nigerian artist Burna Boy, who has enjoyed Billboard Top 10 chart success with his unique sound.

Hot 97’s DJ Wallah, who took a chance and broke Afro B’s “Joanna,” says the appeal of the Afrobeats sound is universal. He says he sees a lot of the hip hop artists collaborating with African artists now. He says that is pushing the culture forward and broadening the horizons of hip hop.

Dr. Chris Emdin, a Professor at Columbia University Teachers College, says the hip hop-African connection is real and deep.

And Tuma Basa, YouTube’s director of urban music, says the growing number of collaborations between hip hop artists and African artists is a way for artists to expand their audience without alienating their core fans.

LISA EVERS, Host and Executive Producer, Street Soldiers


Street Soldiers TV: Fake Music Streaming

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Impostors and fake songs are sneaking onto music streaming services, making thieves tens of thousands of dollars. But how to weed out the fakes and make the system work better?

Street Soldiers’ Lisa Evers sat down with multi-platinum music producer Amadeus, assistant managing editor for Laptop Magazine Sherri Smith and Def Jam recording artist Bamby H20 for a discussion.


Street Soldiers TV: TEKASHI 69 & 9 TREY CASE

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The explosive testimony of Daniel Hernandez, known as Tekashi69 made international headlines and sent shockwaves through hip hop culture.

Street Soldiers’ Lisa Evers speaks with CEO Chuck Creekmur, Hot 97 FM music executive TT Torrez, and criminal defense & civil rights attorney Phillip Hamilton about Tekashi69’s criminal case and his musical future.


Street Soldiers TV: Suicide Prevention

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It’s Suicide Prevention Month, a tough time for those who have lost loved ones. But there is hope, and information out there to help save lives.

Street Soldiers’ Lisa Evers sat down with Everett McCain, a retired Port Authority Police Department Sergeant whose daughter took her life; Dr. Norman Fried, a clinical psychologist and trauma specialist at Columbia University; and Dr. Elisa English, a clinical therapist, to discuss.



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It’s a multi-billion dollar industry, beloved by teens and young adults. Now e-cigarettes and vaping are being blamed for serious health problems. Is the danger over-hyped or are the health risks real?

Street Solders’ Lisa Evers spoke with Shawn Prez, CEO of Powermoves, Inc., Fred Pescatore, M.D., a best-selling author and natural physician, and Plemmie Lawson, a personal fitness & nutrition expert.


Street Soldiers TV: Mixing Music Genres

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Music categories aren’t what they used to be and artists are mixing it up like they never have before. But are songs like “Old Town Road” and “2Am” part of a creative revolution? Or simply category confusion?

Lisa Evers speaks with multi-platinum music producer Amadeus, Hot 97 Music executive TT Torrez and Roc Naiton hip-hop artist Casanova 2x to discuss.